2AM Nail Glitter

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Hussy - He said you’re a tease? So what, you always get what you want. Drippin’ in this pink ultra fine glitter is sure to make the boys wink.


DRAGGED - If you’re gonna talk sh*t, you better know she’ll be dragging her name out your mouth with this fierce blue nail glitter shade. Jealousy is a disease b*tch, get well soon.


GAG - You’ll have him choking on his words with this gold glitter babe, but don’t take no sh*t, remember why he makes you gaggggg and move on.


Don't F*** It Up- Talons so fierce he will be too scared to f*ck it up. This dark red nail glitter screams danger, but can he handle the heat? Probs not.


 To Die For - Kill them with kindness? B*tch please, she SLAYS them with SASS with this bold pink nail glitter. But really there’s no competition with this killer shade that’s to die for.


Werk it -  When he says you’ve got attitude, serve that middle finger and werkkk it girl with this bad b*tch purple ultra fine nail glitter shade.


NO SHADE - She said what she said and she owned it. No need to throw shade with this iridescent nail glitter, she doesn’t give a f*ck what you think.


SASHAY AWAY - Say thank you, next to your ex with this icy blue ultra fine nail glitter to match your icy cold heart. You’ll never look better than when you sashay away and show him what he’s missin’ babe.


Serving LOOKS - He said you’re an ice queen, so own the label and grab this sassy silver nail glitter to serve some icy looks that kill.

PURSE First - She makes any street her catwalk, and boy she’s strutting purse first. Bring the attitude with this dark pink nail glitter shade that will slay all day, every day.

SPILL THE TEA - Listen up sis, you’re gonna wanna hear this. But the tea is as dark as this burgundy nail glitter shade, so don’t say we didn’t warn you if you don’t like what you hear..

YASS QUEEN - A true queen should only ever be drippin’ in gold. No time for basic b*tches here with this deep golden nail glitter shade, so straighten up your crown and show them who’s boss.



ALL Performs well with the 2AM “First Base” base coat and “Get On Top” top coat.