Acrylic Powder Ultra White 8G

Acrylic Powder Ultra White 8G

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Acrylic Powder Ultra White 8g is a cosmetic product used in nail art and design. It is a fine, powdery substance made of acrylic polymers that is used to create a durable and long-lasting coating on the nails. The "Ultra White" variation of the product is designed to create a bright and opaque white finish.

To use the product, a nail technician typically mixes the acrylic powder with a liquid monomer to form a paste that can be applied to the nails. The paste hardens quickly when exposed to air, creating a strong, artificial layer over the natural nail.

The 8g size of this product refers to the weight of the powder included in the package. It is a relatively small quantity of product, suitable for personal use or for nail technicians who only need a small amount for occasional use or to try out the product.

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