Parlux Superturbo 3000

Parlux Superturbo 3000


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  • The Parlux 3000 is a high-quality hair dryer that boasts several impressive features. These features include:

    • 1810 watt drying capacity: The Parlux 3000 has a powerful 1810 watt motor that allows for quick and efficient drying, making it ideal for busy individuals or professional stylists.

    • Airflow of 69 cubic meters/hour: The hair dryer has an airflow rate of 69 cubic meters per hour, which is a considerable amount of air output and helps to ensure that hair is dried quickly and efficiently.

    • 2 speeds and 4 temperature controls: The Parlux 3000 offers two speed settings and four temperature controls, providing users with complete control over their drying and styling routine.

    • 3-metre cable for flexibility: The hair dryer comes with a 3-metre cable that provides users with ample flexibility and mobility while drying their hair.

    • Supplied with 2 nozzles: The Parlux 3000 is supplied with two nozzles, allowing for a range of styling options and ensuring that users can achieve the exact look they desire.

    • Matt black finish: The Parlux 3000 has a sleek and stylish matt black finish, making it an attractive addition to any salon or home setting.

    Overall, the Parlux 3000 is a high-quality hair dryer that offers users complete control over their drying and styling routine, while also providing ample flexibility and mobility. Its powerful motor, high airflow rate, and range of temperature and speed settings make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient hair dryer.