At Hair-Hype, we're proud to offer our exclusive range of high-quality hair colour products from Elgon. As a brand made in Italy, Elgon has earned a reputation for its exceptional quality and elegant hair colour shade selection that has gained widespread success in the UK. Our range includes a variety of professional hair colour products, including the Tonalight series and other hair colour ranges that are the perfect addition to your everyday hair colouring kit.

Elgon's Tonalight range is designed to provide the ultimate precision in hair colouring. This professional hair colour series includes a variety of shades that allow you to create a natural look or bold fashion statements, all while providing optimal coverage. The Tonalight range is known for its long-lasting and intense colour, which is achieved thanks to Elgon's advanced hair colour technology.

In addition to the Tonalight range, we also offer a wide selection of other Elgon hair colour products. Our exclusive range includes a variety of high-quality hair colour products that cater to the needs of hair professionals in the trade. Our tailored packages offer hair colour professionals a unique selection of products that are customized to their specific needs.

One of our top-performing Elgon hair colour products is the Affix range, a premium line of hair colour styling products. This superior hair colour range has earned a significant share of the hair and beauty market due to its high-quality manufacturing and exceptional results. The Affix range offers a wide selection of shades that provide optimal coverage and long-lasting results, making it a favourite among hair professionals.

At Hair-Hype, we're proud to offer our customers Elgon's pinnacle of quality in professional hair colour. Trust us to provide you with the best selection of high-quality hair colour products from Elgon, made in Italy.