5 Star Vanish Foil Shaver


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Introducing the ultimate tool for achieving a flawless, smooth shave every time - the Wahl 5 Star Vanish Shaver. As a barber, you know that the final impression is everything, and with the Vanish Shaver, you can ensure that your clients leave your chair looking and feeling their best.

Featuring our first independent suspension cutting system that hugs every neck and facial contour, and micro thin gold foils, you can achieve a clean finish and a smooth shave without bumps or irritation. The Vanish Shaver also boasts individual pop-out foil cartridges that can be easily replaced or rotated, allowing you to cut costs by replacing single foils instead of the whole shaver head.

With a premium lithium-ion battery that provides over 100 minutes of power on a single charge, and a smart LED fuel gauge, you can rest assured that your new favourite shaver is always ready to go. Plus, with its ergonomically designed finger grips, the Vanish Shaver offers maximum comfort and confidence through every finish.

For pros on the go, the Travel Lock option keeps the Vanish Shaver from accidentally turning on and draining power. So if you're looking for a reason to upgrade your shaver game, the Wahl 5 Star Vanish Shaver is it. Not only does it make hair disappear, but it also provides the flawless finish that everyone wants to see.