Affixx 4 tame it 150ml

Affixx 4 tame it 150ml


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AFFIXX 4 Tame It! is an anti-frizz cream designed to be your new secret weapon in taming unruly and rebellious hair. This powerful cream delivers frizz-free results regardless of whether you prefer a smooth, wavy, or curly style, ensuring even the most disobedient hair is under control.

Key Features:

  1. Tames unruly hair: AFFIXX 4 Tame It! effectively combats frizz, managing even the most rebellious and unmanageable hair.
  2. Smooths and protects: The cream's formula works to close the scales, smooth the cuticles, and create an invisible film that seals the hair, protecting it from frizz and resisting humidity.
  3. Formulated with Soyactiv® complex: Enriched with the soy-based Soyactiv® complex, AFFIXX 4 Tame It! gradually releases hydrating and strengthening benefits into the hair, leaving it more flexible, resistant, and manageable.

Experience the transformative power of AFFIXX 4 Tame It! anti-frizz cream and enjoy a frizz-free, smooth hairstyle that can withstand humidity. Embrace the freedom to style your hair as you desire, knowing that your locks will remain under control and looking fabulous all day long.