Affixx 70 Design Glue

Affixx 70 Design Glue


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AFFIXX 70 Design Glue is a high-hold, glossy-effect wax that allows you to unleash your creativity and achieve your desired hairstyle with ease. Its creamy texture makes it perfect for modeling hair and providing a glossy finish. With its strong hold, this wax is ideal for taming unruly and difficult-to-manage hair.

Key Features:

  1. High hold: AFFIXX 70 Design Glue's strong hold ensures that even the most stubborn hair stays in place, allowing you to create and maintain your desired hairstyle.
  2. Glossy effect: The wax's creamy texture imparts a glossy finish, adding shine and polish to your hair for a sleek, stylish look.
  3. Formulated with Soyactiv® complex: Enriched with the soy-based Soyactiv® complex, AFFIXX 70 Design Glue gradually releases hydrating and strengthening benefits into the hair, leaving it more flexible, resistant, and manageable.

Discover the creative possibilities of AFFIXX 70 Design Glue polishing modeling wax and enjoy the freedom to style your hair as you please. Tame even the most unruly locks with this high-hold, glossy-effect wax that enhances your hair's natural beauty while providing flexibility and manageability.