Affixx  Filler Cream 5  200Ml

Affixx Filler Cream 5 200Ml


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In the world of beauty and cosmetics, two mega-trends are colliding. On one hand, there is abstract beauty: the kind found on runways and in fashion magazines. On the other hand, there is natural beauty: the unique, one-of-a-kind beauty that highlights each person's individual features and showcases their uniqueness.

Just a few years ago, the idea of combining these two trends might have seemed crazy, but now it seems to be a reality. From skincare to "natural" plastic surgery, everyone is trying to ride this wave that will overturn the beauty paradigms.

Elgon, always attentive to the needs of its customers and beauty trends, has studied the perfect way to reconcile these two seemingly distant worlds.

Affixx Filler Cream is the new and innovative filler cream capable of giving body and fullness to hair without weighing it down, hydrating it and providing shine. By applying just a few pumps of Filler Cream, your hair will be voluminous yet smooth and lightweight. Without leaving any residue on the lengths or roots, it will give a natural effect to your look, unique in its kind.

So, we won't have any problem sitting back and waiting for the scientific and technological advancements that will change the world of beauty. In the meantime, however, our hair will always be in perfect order thanks to Affixx Filler Cream.