Affixx Shine It 200Ml

Affixx Shine It 200Ml


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AFFIXX 0 SHINE IT is an instant shine spray that offers a shine-boosting effect for your hair. This product is perfect for those who want to add an extra shine to their hair without weighing it down.

The lightweight texture of this spray makes it easy to apply and ensures that the hair is not weighed down. Additionally, this spray has an impressive anti-humidity effect that helps to tame the hair and prevent frizz.

This shine-boosting spray is formulated with the soy-based Soyactiv® complex, which gradually releases its hydrating and strengthening benefits into the hair. This complex makes the hair more flexible, resistant, and manageable, while also providing additional nourishment.

The hold level of this spray is 0 out of 100, indicating that it does not provide any hold or stiffness to the hair. With AFFIXX 0 SHINE IT, you can achieve a head-turning shine that makes both you and your hair shine.