Hair Tools Duo Air Styler

Hair Tools Duo Air Styler

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The AIR STYLER DUO is a versatile and powerful hairstyling tool that comes with two hot brush heads, designed for use on dry or slightly damp hair. This 180-watt styler is perfect for both professional hairstylists and individuals who want to create various hair styles with ease and precision.

Product Description:

  1. 180 watts Duo Air Styler: The AIR STYLER DUO boasts a powerful 180-watt, providing ample heat and airflow to style the hair efficiently. This high-performance device helps users achieve their desired look quickly and with minimal effort.

  2. Suitable for dry or slightly damp hair: This versatile air styler can be used on dry or slightly damp hair, allowing users to create a wide range of hairstyles. However, please note that it should never be used on wet hair, as this may cause damage or compromise the effectiveness of the styling tool.

  3. Two hot brush heads: The AIR STYLER DUO comes with two interchangeable hot brush heads, 13mm (1/2") and 18mm (3/4"), providing users with the flexibility to create various hair styles, from tight curls to loose waves. These different-sized brush heads cater to different hair lengths and styling preferences.

In summary, the AIR STYLER DUO is a powerful and versatile hairstyling tool that offers users the ability to create a variety of hair styles with ease. With its 180-watt motor, suitability for use on dry or slightly damp hair, and two hot brush head options, this device is an excellent addition to any hairstyling toolkit.