Apraise Cream Developer

Apraise Cream Developer


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The Apraise Cream Developer in a convenient 100ml size, specifically formulated to enhance the process of lash and brow tinting. Its creamy composition is designed to deliver a more defined and precise outline, ensuring a professional finish with every application.

Key Features Include:

  • Long-Lasting and Intense Colour: Achieve strikingly vibrant and deeply saturated color that endures, giving your lashes and brows a lasting impression of depth and intensity.
  • Luminous Shine and Condition: Beyond coloring, this developer imparts a radiant shine and conditions the hair, leaving your lashes and eyebrows looking healthy and lustrous.
  • Visible Transformation: Witness a remarkable transformation in the appearance of your eyelashes and eyebrows. The enhanced formula not only colors but also adds volume and definition, making them stand out with a noticeable beauty enhancement.

Elevate your beauty routine with the Apraise Cream Developer, where innovation meets excellence, providing a standout solution for all your lash and brow tinting needs.