Apraise Light Brown Lash & Brow 3.1 Tint

Apraise Light Brown Lash & Brow 3.1 Tint

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Unleash the vibrancy of deep, persistent color with Apraise® Vegan Lash & Brow Tint. Designed to color your client's lashes and brows with a deep, impactful black shade, this ethical lash and brow tint provides up to 8 weeks of arresting color.

Our product champions vegan-friendly, PPD-free, and cruelty-free principles, making it a preferred choice for clients with a variety of needs, including those with sensitive skin. The refined formula offers excellent coverage and sheen that is resilient against water and smudging. Enhanced with optic chroma complex and fusing colour pigment technology, it bestows a reliable and long-lasting color.

Each tube allows for up to 40 applications, making this lash tint a potent and budget-friendly choice. Ignite the magic of striking eyes with Apraise®'s ethical and performance-driven lash and brow tint.

Transform your lash tint services with Apraise® and appreciate the extraordinary difference!