Agenda Beauty Appointment Cards

Agenda Beauty Appointment Cards

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These beauty salon appointment cards are a professional and convenient way to schedule and confirm appointments with your clients. The cards feature quality color photography, which gives them a classy and stylish look that is sure to impress your clients.

The appointment cards are printed on both sides, with the reverse side featuring boxes for all the appointment details, including the therapist's name, treatment booked, time, and date. There is also a big box for your salon stamp, which helps to reinforce your brand and professional image.

There are three designs to choose from, including Nails, Massage, and Legs. Each design is tailored to a specific type of service, making it easy to select the right appointment card for each client.

Each card measures 10 cm x 6 cm, which is a convenient size that will fit neatly into your client's purse or wallet. This makes it easy for them to keep track of their appointments and to refer to the card when needed.

The appointment cards are sold in packs of 100, which makes them a cost-effective and convenient option for any beauty salon or spa. Overall, these appointment cards are an essential tool for any beauty professional looking to provide a high-quality and professional service to their clients.