Blonde Elevation Freehand Clay Additive

Blonde Elevation Freehand Clay Additive


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OSMO Ikon Blonde Elevation Freehand Clay Additive

The perfect lightener for all balayage enthusiasts, the OSMO Ikon Blonde Elevation Clay Additive expertly thickens your lightening powder formulation to create the optimum consistency for open air lightening techniques.

Formulated with Kaolin Clay, this freehand additive prevents bleach from swelling while ensuring hair remains encapsulated throughout the lifting process. No need for foil or meche and no bleeding or drying out - just exceptional control and impressive results.

This 100% vegan Freehand Clay Additive has been specifically designed for mixing with OSMO Ikon Blonde Elevation Premium Violet Lightener to deliver an outstanding 9+ levels of lift.