Elgon Blueberry Bleach 500G

Elgon Blueberry Bleach 500G


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Elgon Blueberry Bleach is a high-quality powder bleach that is specially designed to provide optimal lightening results with a pleasant blueberry scent. This non-volatile bleach features violet pigments that help to contrast yellowing during the lifting process, allowing for up to 7 shades of lift.

One of the key benefits of the Elgon Blueberry Bleach is that it is part of the Decolor line, which is specifically formulated for bleaching and achieving any shade from blonde to platinum, while fully respecting the hair fiber. This means that the bleach is gentle on the hair, helping to maintain its integrity and health throughout the bleaching process.

Overall, the Elgon Blueberry Bleach is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality bleach that provides excellent lifting results while maintaining the health of the hair. Its blueberry scent and violet pigments help to make the bleaching process more pleasant and effective, while its inclusion in the Decolor line ensures that it is gentle and safe for use on all hair types.