Head Jog Double Prong Clips

Head Jog Double Prong Clips


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The Double Prong Curl Clips are robust and long-lasting hair accessories designed to help create and maintain curls with ease. These clips are perfect for both professional hairstylists and individuals looking to achieve and hold their desired curl patterns.

Product Description:

  1. Silver effect double prong clips: These curl clips feature a stylish silver effect, giving them a sleek and modern appearance. The double prong design offers a strong hold on the hair, ensuring that the curls remain in place and intact during the styling process.

  2. Strong and durable: The Double Prong Curl Clips are made from high-quality materials, making them strong and durable. They are built to withstand regular use and provide a reliable hold for various hair types and curl patterns.

  3. Non-slide matte finish: The clips feature a non-slide matte finish, which helps to prevent the clips from slipping out of the hair during use. This finish is made from durable delrin plastic, which offers a secure grip on the hair without causing damage or breakage.

  4. Sold in boxes of 72: The Double Prong Curl Clips are sold in boxes of 72, providing an ample supply for professional hairstylists or for individuals who require a large number of clips for their styling needs. The generous quantity ensures that users always have enough clips on hand for any hair styling project.

In summary, the Double Prong Curl Clips are a practical and reliable solution for creating and maintaining curls. Their stylish silver effect, strong and durable construction, non-slide matte finish, and availability in boxes of 72 make these clips an essential addition to any hairstyling toolkit.