Electric Head Jog Pro-Air Clipper Plus

Electric Head Jog Pro-Air Clipper Plus

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The Electric Head Jog Mini Trimmer features titanium blades which are strong, long-lasting and stay sharper and rust free for longer so that with every use the cut will be smooth, precise and kind to the skin. The blades also boast innovative patented Stay-Cool Technology which keeps the blades cool to touch to allow for continuous use.

Has a high capacity Lithium Ion battery which can last up to three times longer than traditional batteries, and the 'Quick Start' charger means that you can have 4 hours of use on only 3 hours of charging.

The LCD Display shows your current power setting, the battery life and has an oil indication light for when the blades require oiling.

The Clipper is cordless and supplied with a charging stand.

The motor is a reliable 5 speed rotary motor which is longer lasting than DC motors and is very quiet when being used.

The Clipper blades offer a 4 stage blade adjustment in increments of 0.3mm.

The Smart Clip Technology feaure means no snagging due to it sensing blade resistance.

Two double sided Taper Combs are supplied with the clipper which give lengths of 6mm, 9mm and 12mm.