Electric Head Jog Steam Straightener

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Steam straightener - for healthier, hydrated and nourished hair.

The Electric Head Jog Steam Straightener is suppled with two cassettes; one for water and one for water mixed with hair oil.

The atomizing steam function is optional, and when used locks in natural moisture under a high temperature and therefore can be more effective than normal straightening. The use of the steam leaves hair more hydrated, nourished, shiny and smooth. Hair oil can also be added to the water for a more intense moisturising during straightening.

There are two temperature settings to suit different hair types - Low 170°c, High 195°c.

The plates are coated in black ceramic for added shine and silky frizz free results. The combined effect of ceramics with a negative ion charge permits heat to be radiated directly inside the hair, without drying out the hair’s external structure.

Super fast heat up time and fast heat restoration, with a 1 hour shut off time for safety.

A 3 meter cable with a 360° swivel for flexibility.