Electric Head Jog Titanium Vibe Straightener

Head Jog

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The award winning Electric Head Jog Titanium Vibe straightener is perfect for straightening and curling hair, and with a variable temperature between 120°c - 230°c it is suitable for all hair types.

The variable temperature control is also ideal for chemical straightening systems as it offers increments of 50°c.

The straightener's plates are coated in titanium which offers consistent heat and allows for minimum temperature variation. Compared to other coatings, such as ceramic, titanium heats up much quicker and evenly distributes heat throughout the surface of the barrel.

Titanium on the plates can also aid in reducing any build up of bacteria in the hair.

The innovative vibration feature of the straightener eliminates any pulling and snagging of the hair resulting in less damage. The vibration feature also means that less pressure is required and can be used with only one hand.

The Electric Head Jog Titanium Vibe Straightener won 'Best Straightener' in the Hair Awards Super 60 in 2018.