Bdl Brow Lamination Scene 2 - Neutralise Solution (10 X 0.5Ml)

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The BDL Brow Lamination Scene 2 Neutralise Solution is designed to set the hairs into position, effectively completing the brow lamination process. By mixing the tint into this stage, you can speed up treatment time and achieve beautiful, long-lasting results.

Scene 2 - Set solution is a crucial component in the Brow Defying Lamination treatment.

This pack contains 10 individually wrapped 0.5ml sachets.

Brow Lamination Timings for Scene 2 Neutralise:

Brow Type Scene 2 Neutralise + Tint (Mix Together)
Fine Brows 5 minutes
Healthy Brows 6 minutes
Coarse Brows 8 minutes

Optimize your clients' brow lamination treatment with the BDL Brow Lamination Scene 2 Neutralise Solution. These convenient, individually wrapped sachets ensure precise application and consistent results, setting the stage for perfectly styled brows that last.