Preview Pre-Treatment Lash Primer 50Ml

Preview Pre-Treatment Lash Primer 50Ml

Eyelash Emporium

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The Eye Emporium Preview pre-treatment Lash Primer is an essential product for anyone looking to achieve stunning, long-lasting semi-permanent lash extensions. This specially formulated primer is designed to de-grease and remove excess oils and keratin build-up from the natural lashes. By using the Preview Lash Primer as a pre-treatment step, it ensures that the natural lashes are completely clean and free from any residual debris that could compromise the adhesion of the semi-permanent lash extensions.

The unique formula of the Eye Emporium Preview Lash Primer is specifically developed to optimize the performance of semi-permanent lash extensions. By providing a clean, de-greased lash bed, the primer maximizes the adhesion of the lash extensions, ensuring they stay in place for longer and look amazing. The primer is gentle on the natural lashes and does not damage or weaken them in any way.

Using the Eye Emporium Preview pre-treatment Lash Primer is quick and easy. Simply apply a small amount to a microfiber brush and gently brush through the natural lashes, taking care to remove any excess primer. Once the lashes are primed, it's time to apply the semi-permanent lash extensions, which will adhere firmly to the clean and de-greased lash bed. The result is a flawless, long-lasting lash look that will turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

Overall, the Eye Emporium Preview pre-treatment Lash Primer is an essential tool for any lash technician or anyone looking to achieve beautiful, long-lasting semi-permanent lash extensions. Its unique formula, designed to remove grease and excess oils, ensures that the lash extensions adhere securely to the natural lashes, maximizing their performance and longevity. With the Preview Lash Primer, you can achieve legendary performance in adhesion and a lash look that is truly unforgettable.