Haito Straightener Black

Haito Straightener Black


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Hair straightener by Haito perfect for short hair, featuring an advanced ceramic heater which produced far-infrared heat enabling the hair to be straightened from the cortex outwards, therefore sealing the cuticle flat making it the healthiest and most effective way to straighten adn style hair.

The Haito Straightener offers a variable temperature between 60°c - 232°c, with a super fast heat up time of 15 seconds. The automatic temperature control system means that the required temperature is immediately restored to the plates; unlike some other straighteners where heat is lost when the straightener is run down the hair.

The plates are coated in diamond ceramic tourmaline and offer a negative ion making the plates a highly reliable and durable source of ions, and promote soft, healthy shine and moistured hair.

As a result of the combination of the negative ion technology and far-infrared heat, the hair gains a healthy natural shine making highlights and colour appear rejuvinated and therefore reducing colour fade.

The Haito Straightener also allows for damp to dry styling, increasing moisture within the hair by moving water molecules into the hair shaft and locking the style into place.