Halo Blank Colour Wheel 2 Pk

Halo Blank Colour Wheel 2 Pk

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HALO blank colour wheel is a nail art tool that is designed to help nail artists and enthusiasts to organize and keep track of different nail polish colors, shades, and finishes. The pack contains two blank color wheels, each with 24 blank color spaces for you to fill in with your own nail polish colors.

The HALO blank color wheel is made with a sturdy and durable material that ensures that it lasts long and withstands frequent use. It has a glossy finish that makes it easy to clean and prevents nail polish stains from being absorbed into the material. The blank color spaces are labeled with numbers to help you easily identify and keep track of the nail polish colors you have added.

The HALO blank color wheel is a great tool for nail artists and enthusiasts who want to get creative with their nail art designs. It allows you to mix and match colors, test out different combinations and create new designs. The color wheel also makes it easy to see what colors work well together and which ones do not. It is also a handy tool for keeping track of your nail polish collection and making sure you do not purchase duplicates.

Overall, the HALO blank color wheel is a useful and practical tool for any nail artist or enthusiast who wants to take their nail art designs to the next level. It is an affordable and easy-to-use tool that can help you create stunning nail art designs and organize your nail polish collection.