Halo Chrome


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Discover the captivating world of Halo Create, a new nail art range from Pure Nails that will elevate your salon services. This dazzling collection includes vibrant colored acrylics, mesmerizing chrome powders, sparkling crystals in various sizes, and an assortment of glitters perfect for any nail technician's kit. Each product comes beautifully packaged in eye-catching diamond jars that will make a stunning addition to your salon.

Halo Chrome: Six Stunning Shades

Available in six enticing colors, each 0.2g diamond jar of Halo Chrome is designed to enhance your nail art creations. These versatile chrome powders work seamlessly with all Halo systems, empowering you to craft exquisite nail art for your clients that will leave them in awe.

Explore the possibilities with Halo Create by Pure Nails and elevate your nail art game with this stunning collection, specifically designed to bring creativity, beauty, and style to your salon.