Halo Easi Build Dare 2 Bare Peach

Halo Easi Build Dare 2 Bare Peach

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Introducing Halo EasiBuild: Advanced Gel Technology for Optimum Ease and Finish

Discover the innovation behind Halo EasiBuild, a brush-on builder gel crafted using the latest gel technology for maximum ease, application, and finish. This versatile gel is perfect for sculpting with forms and nail tips or can be used as a strengthening agent under gel polish.

Halo EasiBuild: LED and UV Compatibility, No Primer Required

Designed to cure under both LED and UV lights, Halo EasiBuild eliminates the need for a primer and is available in six shades to complement all skin tones. Experience the convenience and flexibility of this advanced gel technology for your salon's nail services.

Choose Your Size: 8ml and 15ml Options

Halo EasiBuild is available in both 8ml and 15ml sizes to cater to your salon's needs. Enhance your nail offerings and deliver stunning, durable results with Halo EasiBuild, a cutting-edge brush-on builder gel designed for optimum ease, application, and finish.