Halo Easi Build White

Halo Easi Build White


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Explore the innovative Halo EasiBuild, a brush-on builder gel developed using state-of-the-art gel technology for exceptional ease, application, and finish. This multi-purpose gel is ideal for sculpting with forms and nail tips or serving as a strengthening agent under gel polish.

Halo EasiBuild: Compatible with LED and UV, No Primer Needed

Engineered to cure under both LED and UV lights, Halo EasiBuild forgoes the need for a primer and comes in six shades to match all skin tones. Experience the versatility and ease of this advanced gel technology for your salon's nail services.

Select Your Size: Available in 8ml and 15ml Options

Halo EasiBuild offers both 8ml and 15ml sizes to accommodate your salon's requirements. Elevate your nail services and provide stunning, long-lasting results with Halo EasiBuild, an innovative brush-on builder gel designed for ultimate ease, application, and finish.