Halo Elite Buffer File Pk 2

Halo Elite Buffer File Pk 2


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Introducing the NEW Halo Elite Buffer Files, expertly designed to enhance your nail services by effortlessly reaching the cuticle area and side walls of the nail. These essential tools help eliminate scratches and ridges on both enhancements and natural nails, providing a flawless finish. Their ergonomic shape ensures easy handling and precise control while working on the nail.

Experience the difference with Halo Elite Buffer Files – a product you never knew you needed, but once you try it, you won't want to live without!

Available products:

  • N11536 Halo Elite Buffer File 100/180 grit (pack of 2): Ideal for shaping and smoothing nail enhancements.
  • N11537 Halo Elite Buffer File 220/280 grit (pack of 2): Perfect for buffing and refining natural nails or nail enhancements.
  • N11538 Halo Elite Buffer File - Mixed pack (1 x 100/180 and 1 x 220/280): Get the best of both worlds with this versatile set.

Upgrade your nail care routine with Halo Elite Buffer Files and experience unparalleled precision and control.