Glitter Recycling Tray

Glitter Recycling Tray


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HALO Glitter Recycling Tray is an innovative and eco-friendly nail tool that helps to reduce waste and mess during the glitter application process. The tray is designed to catch any excess glitter that may spill during application, allowing you to reuse it for future designs.

To use the HALO Glitter Recycling Tray, simply scoop up your desired Halo glitter and pour it over your nail. Any excess glitter will be caught in the tray, allowing you to easily collect it and reuse it for your next design. This helps to minimize waste and make your glitter application process more efficient.

The HALO Glitter Recycling Tray is a must-have tool for any nail artist or enthusiast who loves to work with glitter. It is easy to use and helps to keep your workspace clean and organized.