Halo Jellie Tips Pack Of 50


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Experience the ideal fusion of style, convenience, and durability with our innovative Halo Jellie Tips. These soft gel tips enhance nail artistry while providing a flawless, long-lasting finish. Made from high-quality, soakable gel, Jellie Tips are perfect for professional nail technicians and enthusiasts alike.

Key Features:

Variety: Choose from 12 sizes and 6 shapes for custom nail designs that cater to your clients' preferences. Find the perfect fit for every nail bed with ease.

Simple Application: Halo Jellie Tips offer hassle-free application and a seamless fit without air bubbles. Pair with our advanced Jellie Glue or Jellie Brush on Glue for a secure, long-lasting bond.

Soakable & Lightweight: Soakable gel enables easy removal, preserving natural nails. The ultralight design ensures superior comfort, feeling like nothing at all.

Durable & Flexible: Halo Jellie Tips withstand daily wear while remaining flexible, offering weeks of impeccable nails for your dynamic lifestyle.

Limitless Creativity: Customize Halo Jellie Tips with your favorite gel polish, nail art, and embellishments for a unique look.

Elevate your nail services with the cutting-edge Halo Jellie Tips. Invest in this pioneering nail enhancement system and discover why it's transforming the industry. Boost your nail expertise with the remarkable Halo Jellie Tips!