Hive Lavender Shimmer Crème Warm Wax 425g Jar 3for2 Pack

Hive Lavender Shimmer Crème Warm Wax 425g Jar 3for2 Pack

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Looking for a high-quality waxing solution that is gentle on skin and perfect for all hair types? Look no further than Hive's Soft & Silky Crème Wax. This versatile formula is specially designed to offer a low operating temperature, making it ideal for sensitive skin and fine or coarse hair.

Infused with nourishing lavender oil, this crème wax helps to soothe and heal the skin while targeting germs, dirt and odours with its fast-acting, germ-killing formula. And with the added benefit of a relaxing, aromatic scent, you can enjoy a truly luxurious waxing experience.

Hive's Soft & Silky Crème Wax is easy to use and can be directly inserted into 0.5 litre wax heaters or decanted into 1 litre wax heaters. Plus, with this great value 3 for 2 pack, you'll have plenty of wax on hand to keep your clients looking and feeling their best.

At Hive, we believe in using only the highest quality ingredients to ensure superior and consistent results. So whether you're a professional esthetician or simply looking to achieve salon-quality results at home, trust Hive's Soft & Silky Crème Wax for all of your waxing needs.