Parlux Advance Diffuser

Parlux Advance Diffuser


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The Parlux Alyon Diffuser is an accessory designed to help individuals create perfect curls and add volume to their hair during their styling routine. This diffuser has been inspired by professionals, and it is compatible with the Parlux ALYON & ADVANCE hair dryers.

The diffuser is made of heat-resistant plastic and is a versatile addition to the hair dryer. It allows individuals to create glossy curls and movement in just a few minutes. The diffuser snaps tightly to the hair dryer barrel and has intuitive fingers that gently separate the hair during drying, resulting in frizz-free volume.

The Parlux Alyon Diffuser is designed to distribute heat evenly, making it useful for adding volume to hair or creating professional-looking curls. Overall, the Parlux Alyon Diffuser is a great tool for anyone looking to add some variety to their hairstyling routine and achieve perfect curls or voluminous hair.