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The Parlux Alyon is a powerful, professional hairdryer that has been designed using innovative technology and over 40 years of Parlux research and development. Its unique prismatic finish adds to its appeal, making it a must-have for professional hair stylists and at-home users alike.

The Parlux Alyon features:

  • A new motor, the K-Advance Plus®, which is capable of producing 2250 watts of power and an airflow of 84 m3/h, making it a very powerful hairdryer capable of significantly speeding up drying times, which is particularly beneficial for those with thick or long hair.


  • One of the standout features of the Parlux Alyon is its patent-pending HFS (Hair Free System), which allows the user to keep their hairdryer clean of hair with a simple daily action. This ensures that the hairdryer maintains its optimal performance for longer, without any clogging or blockages.


  • To ensure an even more stable temperature distribution, the Parlux Alyon features a new variable geometry heating element. This allows for a more precise and consistent airflow, resulting in smoother, shinier hair.


  • The hairdryer also incorporates "Air Ionizer Tech" ionic technology, which helps to reduce static and frizz, leaving hair looking and feeling healthier.


  • The front case of the Parlux Alyon is designed with "Anti-Heating" technology, which helps to prevent the front of the hairdryer from becoming too hot to touch and Antibacterial technology for hygiene.


  • The hairdryer also features SOFT Switches, which offer a more comfortable and ergonomic grip for the user, particularly during longer styling sessions.


  • Despite its powerful performance, the Parlux Alyon is lightweight at 450 grams thanks to its ergonomic design.


  • Additionally, the hairdryer incorporates a silencer, which helps to reduce noise levels during use.


  • The Parlux Alyon offers 2 speeds, 4 temperatures, and a cold shot button, providing the user with maximum control over their styling.


  • It comes with a 3-meter cable and is supplied with 2 nozzles to allow for more precise styling.


The Parlux Alyon's powerful performance, innovative technology, and unique design make it a highly desirable hairdryer for both professional and at-home use.