Pins And Grips Session Kit

Pins And Grips Session Kit


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Presenting our Ultimate Refillable Hair Tool Box, a must-have for hairstylists and hair enthusiasts alike! Expertly crafted in Italy, this comprehensive kit comes with an array of high-quality hair pins and grips, ensuring that you have everything you need to create stunning and secure hairstyles for any occasion.

The Italian craftsmanship guarantees superior quality and durability, making these hair pins and grips a reliable choice for both professionals and hair enthusiasts.

The refillable hair tool box contains:

  • 100 x 2" Waved Grips Brown: These brown waved grips provide a firm hold on your hair, making them perfect for creating intricate updos or securing loose strands. The waved design ensures a secure grip without damaging your hair.

  • 100 x 2" Waved Grips Black: The black waved grips are ideal for blending seamlessly with darker hair shades. Like their brown counterparts, they offer a strong hold for various hairstyles and hair types.

  • 100 x 2" Waved Grips Blonde: Designed to match lighter hair shades, these blonde waved grips offer the same reliable hold as the brown and black versions. Use them to create stunning hairstyles without drawing attention to the grips themselves.

  • 100 x 2" Waved Pins Brown: The brown waved pins are designed to secure hair discreetly, making them perfect for adding structure and support to updos and other complex hairstyles. Their waved shape ensures a firm grip on your hair without causing damage.

  • 80 x 2" Plain Pins Brown: These plain brown pins are a versatile addition to your hairstyling toolkit. They can be used to secure hair in place or add subtle support to various hairstyles. The brown color blends seamlessly with most hair shades, providing an unobtrusive hold.

With this Ultimate Refillable Hair Tool Box, you'll never run out of hair pins and grips again! The sturdy, reusable box keeps your tools organized and easily accessible, making it the perfect solution for both professional hairstylists and at-home hair enthusiasts. So, upgrade your hairstyling arsenal with these high-quality, Italian-made hair pins and grips, and start creating salon-worthy styles today!