Zalon Pro Colour Remover Salon Size Pack


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Zalon Pro Colour remover is a quick, easy and healthy way to remove colour from the hair.  Ammonia free & bleach free results in no damage to the hair.

Contains Argan Oil to add shine and moisture to the hair.

Synthetic colour molecules are very small, which allows them to penetrate cuticle. Once inside, an oxidation reaction takes place between the ammonia and the hydrogen peroxide causing the dye molecule to swell and become trapped and unable to escape the cuticle.  Zalon reverses the oxidation process by shrinking the synthetic colour molecules, allowing them to escape from the cuticle and be washed away. This reveals the lightest previous natural shade of pigment.

The colour shown may be lighter than the natural virgin hair colour, as the bleach and ammonia from previous colourants may have lightened the natural pigment (as mentioned above).

Removes residue from shampoos, conditioners, styling products and pollution.

The hair can be coloured immediately after the process has been completed.

Fragranced to take away any harsh chemical smell.