How to Use the Halo Jellie Tips and Glue Nail System: A Step-by-Step Guide

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If you're looking for a new nail system that's easy to use and provides a strong bond, the Halo Jellie Tips and Glue system is a game-changer. With its soakable soft gel tips and two glue options, this innovative product is taking the nail industry by storm. In this step-by-step guide, we'll show you how to use the Halo Jellie Tips and Glue system to achieve beautiful and long-lasting nails. Follow these simple steps and see the difference for yourself!

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Step 1: Prep the nails Start by completing your usual prep and cuticle work on clean and natural nails. Remove any debris from the nails using a Halo Plush Brush and Halo Prep & Scrub.

Step 2: Size the tips Select the appropriate size and shape of Halo Jellie Tip for each nail. Ensure that the tips fit perfectly from side wall to side wall without needing to push the tip flat to the nail bed.

Step 3: Apply the base coat Apply a thin layer of Halo Flexi-Bond or Halo Rubber Base Coat to the natural nail and cure for 30 seconds using a Smart Dual Cure Lamp or Flash Cure Lamp.

Step 4: Apply the glue Scoop a small amount of Jellie Glue onto the contact area of the Jellie Tip, or paint glue onto the contact area if using the Jellie Brush on Glue.

Step 5: Place the tip Place the Jellie Tip onto the nail plate by tilting the tip at an angle and placing the cuticle area first. Slowly press the rest of the Jellie Tip down so that it fits perfectly with no air bubbles. Remove any Jellie Glue that may have escaped from under the tip.

Step 6: Cure the tips Hold the Jellie Tip down and cure using a Smart Dual Cure Lamp or Flash Cure Lamp. Once all tips are applied, cure the whole hand for 30 seconds.

Step 7: Cut and shape the tips Cut the Jellie Tips down to size and shape if required. Buff over the Jellie Tips to remove the shine and carefully around the cuticle area to ensure it sits flush.

Step 8: Apply the top coat Apply Halo Base Coat, color of choice, and top coat, curing each layer for 30 seconds.

Step 9: Apply the cuticle feed Allow the nails to cool down for two minutes before applying Halo Cuticle Feed.

Step 10: Maintenance Clients with Halo Jellie Tips should come back for maintenance appointments every 2-3 weeks. You can infill the tips with Halo PoliBuild, Halo Elite Hard Gel, or Halo EasiBuild, or you can remove and reapply the tips as needed.

Step 11: Removal To remove the Jellie Tips, break the seal with a Halo Elite Buffer File and cut away any additional length. Soak off using your preferred method, such as a heated soak-off bowl and Pure Nails Acetone.

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The Halo Jellie Tips and Glue nail system is a game-changer in the nail industry. It's easy to use, provides a strong bond, and allows for endless creativity. Follow these steps and see the difference for yourself!



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